The Solomensky court of Kiev postponed to October 20 consideration of the petition of Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor's office (SAP) the laying on of the people's Deputy Borislav Rosenblatt extra obligations.

The court in Rosenblatt moved to tomorrow - Sapal it to the correspondent of mediaUA said the Prosecutor SAP Vitaliy Kravets.

According to him, the meeting started at about 17:00. But since it was a new application the court gave the defense time to review.
20:00, the court tried to resume the meeting, but none of the lawyers Rosenblatt was not. The Deputy himself was not able to communicate with them because he allegedly took the phone after a meeting with the National anti-corruption Bureau at the airport.
The court adjourned the hearing for 20 October at 14 hours.

One of the lawyers Rosenblatt Alexey Shevchuk said that he personally new application is not received and this evening was not in Kiev. According to him, the other lawyers were busy with other customers. "Tomorrow will be 14.00. In General, the working day till 18.00," - said Shevchuk.
As you know, October 17 the court did not have time to extend the obligations of the suspect Rosenblatt.
We will remind, on July 18 Solomensky district court of Kiev chose Rosenblatt a measure of restraint in the form of 7 million hryvnia Deposit. He is charged with receiving a bribe of $285 thousand bribes. About a year ago as part of an investigation about illegal mining of amber on the MP came the agent of the National anti-corruption Bureau. She called a representative of the company "Fujairah" from UAE, which is supposedly intended to produce and export of amber in Zhytomyr region. The Deputy had to help the agent to get the license for subsoil use and to make legislative amendments to the Customs and Tax code specifically for "Fujairah", including that the company was paying less rent for the extraction of amber.
Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor's office promised to convey to the court the case of deputies Rosenblatt and Maxim Polyakov until October 15.

13 Oct Solomensky regional court of Kiev was unable to consider the petition of SAP on the extension of the obligations imposed on Rosenblatt.
October 17 was the deadline for the wearing of an electronic bracelet for MP Rosenblatt.
Note that Borislav Rosenblatt has a residence permit in Germany, as well as the house, which, according to the Declaration, he acquired in December 2016.