State forest resources Agency of Ukraine conducts negotiations on concession 5 of the Austrian forestry for holzindustrie Schweighofer, the largest in Europe the logger.

Lesarstva suggested the owner of Europe's largest sawmills to take in concession 5 of the Ukrainian forestry

It follows from the text addressed to Gerald vigoferia the owner for holzindustrie Schweighofer, letters of Goslesagentstvo,which is at the disposal of edition Browser.

We are talking about se "Novohrad-Volyns experienced lesookhotnichye economy" (Zhytomyr region), Olevskii forestry (Zhitomir region), a Specialized forestry agro-industrial enterprise Kamini-Kashirskian (Volyn region), the forestry Storozhynets (Chernivtsi region), the forestry Khotyn (Chernivtsi region). The offer is dictated by the difficult financial situation of domestic forestry, sharply aggravated after the introduction of a land tax on forest land of Ukraine (introduced by law of Ukraine from 10.07.2018 No. 2497-VIII "On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine and some laws of Ukraine concerning stimulation of creation and activity of family farming"). "Before the introduction of these changes of forestry land tax paid as part of rent. The introduction of an additional tax may lead to forced bankruptcy of enterprises", - said in the letter. On this basis, the Viennese entrepreneur is invited to consider the possibility of taking a concession of five forest enterprises, which will establish the appropriate level of international cooperation and increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian state forestry enterprises.

The letter is dated 6 September of this year and signed by the Deputy Chairman of SFA Vladimir Cooper.

For holzindustrie Schweighofer operates in the B2B segment, that is, not producing finished products made of wood, and deliver wood to industrial customers, in fact, being very large sawmill. One of the most powerful sawmills, the company is only 100 km from the Ukrainian border in Romania.

A few years ago for holzindustrie Schweighofer has announced the construction of a plant in Ukraine, in Coloma, but abandoned those plans in favor of export of Ukrainian summer at its Romanian facilities.

As stated on the website, for holzindustrie Schweighofer, a traditional family company of Austrian origin, widely represented in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Romania. The company employs more than 3100 employees in Austria, Germany and Romania. The motto "Wood is our passion".

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