Incomes of Ukrainian banks, excluding the insolvent, in January-August 2018 amounted to 128,44 billion UAH, which is by 7.26% more than in the same period of 2017.

The income of banks of Ukraine since the beginning of the year increased by 7%

Corresponding data is given on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine, reports Biznestsentr with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

The number of banks for the period from 1 September 2017 1 September 2018 fell to 81 from 88 finuchrezhdeniya. At the same time, the banks ' assets over this period has grown on 0,55% - to 1 trillion 341,15 billion, and total assets (not adjusted for reserves for active operations) - on 4,77%, to 1,928 trillion UAH.

The national Bank clarifies that interest income of banks in the first eight months increased by 9.52% to 89,559 billion, while the loan portfolio from 1 September 2017 1 September 2018 rose by 8.71% to 1,127 trillion UAH.

Fee and Commission income increased by 33.77% to 33,041 billion UAH, other operating income - 57,82%, to 5,432 billion, other income = by 25.17%, to 945 million UAH.

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Costs of banking system in eight months 2018 amounted to 114,693 billion UAH, which is 1.4% less than in the same period of 2017.

Interest expense decreased by 7.27 percent to 44,903 billion, while the total volume of the deposited funds, including term deposits of other banks rose by 0.68% to 961,725 billion.

Commission expenses increased by 39.48% to 8,281 billion UAH, other operating expenses - 57,64% to 8,908 billion, General administrative expenses - by 18.99% to 33,589 billion.

Deductions to reserves decreased by 40.75% to 11,637 billion UAH, other expenses - 11.9%, to 1,517 billion.

After-tax net profit of Ukrainian banks in January-August 2018 amounted to 13,747 billion, which is four times the profit for the same period in 2017.

The standard of sufficiency (adequacy) of regulatory capital (N2) of Ukrainian banks in August decreased by 24 basis points (b.n.) - to 16.15% for the normative requirement is not less than 10%.

The norm of instant liquidity (N4) over the past month increased by a 15.76 percentage points (PP) - up to 71,67% with the regulatory requirement of not less than 20%, the normative of current liquidity (N5) by 43 b.p. to 104,27% with the regulatory requirement of not less than 40%. The ratio of short-term liquidity (N6) decreased by 2 b.p. up to 94,57% with the regulatory requirement of not less than 60%.

Among the indicators of the riskiness of activities the norm of the maximum size credit exposure per counterparty (H7), the limit value which is limited to 25%, decreased to 96 b.p. - to 19.83%, the ratio of high credit risks (H8) increased to 167,14% 160,64% with the regulatory requirement of no more than 8 times the regulatory capital of maximum amount of credit risk on transactions with related persons of the banks (N9) decreased to 12.83% from 14.51% at the regulatory requirement of no more than 25%.

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