The Chairman of the Association of Ukrainian cities, Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko has opened the XIV Ukrainian municipal forum, which takes place in Ternopil.

Klitschko: local budgets are not enough for the execution of the transferred state powers

"On the "Day of Dialogue" this year we discuss the results and challenges of local government reform, the budget security of local communities. And legislative support for housing, utilities and urban development", - said Klitschko.
He noted that in preparation for the meeting, ASU has collected about 200 troubled communities. Including not been solved after last year's forum in Odessa, the press service of Klitschko.
"Most of the councils note that existing volumes of educational and medical subsidies are not provided the need for funds. - Due to the lack of adequate standards and formulae for calculating these volumes, - said the head of the ASU. - Distribution of regions between the local budgets of additional subsidies for the realization of maintenance costs of educational institutions and healthcare is regarded as uneven, biased and prejudiced - said Klitschko.- Local funds are not enough and to perform other transferred to the government in 2016-2018 powers. In particular, for the implementation of the state registration, according to architecture and construction, the provision of administrative services, for the provision of social programs of the state, preferential transport", - said Vitaly Klitschko.
He noted that thus not complied with the provisions of article 142 of the Constitution of Ukraine, according to which the expenditure of local authorities, resulting from decisions of public authorities, kompensiruet government. "This is an alarming situation and it should be solved", - said the head of the ASU.
He also noted that Parliament has finally passed a law granting powers to local authorities to bring order to the Parking. "But! Again, now we expect a rapid adoption of a legal base for its implementation. Without which the law, due on September 27, will not work", - said Klitschko.
He also noted the importance of taking the necessary on the ground of the laws "On housing and communal services", "On commercial accounting of heat energy and water" and others.
"But we can't use the provided us features, because so far do not exist under these laws bylaws. And I'm sure we're not in the game play! If there is a law - must be all the necessary mechanisms for its implementation "- said the Chairman of the ASU.
Klitschko pointed to the problem of reforming the organs of local self-government.
"The solution to this issue for two years as "stuck" for reasons unknown to us, - said Klitschko. About the working conditions of civil servants the law was adopted. And on the power to the ground waved his hand? It is unfair and not conducive to efficient work", - said Vitaly Klitschko.
The Chairman of the Association of Ukrainian cities have attracted the attention of the government, Parliament and to the prospects of the decentralization reforms.
"It gradually has yielded results to local communities. However, there is an urgent need to establish its foundations in the Constitution. So there's no rolling back the reform and the cancellation of its achievements in the future. As part of the political forces competing for power, aimed at centralization. This can not happen!", - said Klitschko.
In the "Day of dialogue" in Ternopil, also involved the Prime Minister of Ukraine, members of government, MPs, the General Secretary of the Congress of local and regional authorities of the Council of Europe Andreas Kiefer, special envoy of the German government on reforms in governance and decentralization in Ukraine Georg Milbradt and international experts.

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