President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has charged to strengthen control on the border with Ukraine for revealing of cases of illegal arms shipments.

Lukashenko has charged to strengthen control on the border with Ukraine

The President said at a meeting with the state Secretary of the security Council of Belarus and Chairman of the state border Committee of the country, Biznestsentr reports with reference to BelTA.

At the meeting, in particular, they talked about a possible increase in the number of guards and strengthen certain areas.

"Where necessary, we will do it. We have taken the decision to strengthen the border with Ukraine. We can see how much there is trouble today in Belarus, including weapons smuggled. We need to close the border. But not for decent people, and for criminals, for those who carry the weapons," – said the head of Belarus.

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Lukashenko in this regard, the reported information, previously voiced in the report of the Minister of internal Affairs.

"Now the Minister has told me. They detained the man whose Arsenal: machine guns, ten machine guns, two dozen rifles, ten thousand rounds and so on and so on... Collect? So combat all the weapons. Here collectors... from all of this? Looked in our army all over the place. Delivered. It was therefore decided to establish the border with Ukraine," – said the President.

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