The staff of tax police GU GFS in Kiev under the procedural leadership of the Kiev local Prosecutor's office No. 8 eliminated the illicit production of tobacco for hookahs and stopped his illegal sale, which was carried out through the Internet and one of the catering establishments.

Tax eliminated the illicit production of tobacco for hookahs in Kiev. Seized goods on 1 million UAH. Photos

About this mediaUA reported in the press service of the SFS.

The report notes: "In the framework of the operation "Excise-2018" and the investigation of criminal proceedings under part 3 of article 204 of the criminal code of Ukraine established
from Kiev, which was organized in the living room the clandestine production of tobacco for hookahs by mixing low-quality hookah tobacco and food flavors, honey, green tea, with the aim of increasing cost and quantity of obtained products.

Thus obtained products were packaged in plastic containers and sold through online store and catering establishments. While tobacco is kept in a separate non-residential premises in Kiev.

On the basis of a court order raided the illegal manufacture, storage and sale of excisable products, the results of which were withdrawn from illegal circulation more than 465 kg of hookah tobacco, packaged in plastic jars and packs without excise tax stamps of Ukraine, estimated value of more than 1 million UAH. and equipment for its production, draft records, computer equipment etc.

The consequence"proceeds.

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