Microsoft talked about their ambitious plans to completely redo search experience in Office, Windows, Bing and other products. The new version of the search has received the name of Microsoft Search and the original will appear in the Bing and The new version of search is available for business users already on 24 September 2018.

Microsoft completely redesigned search Office, Windows, Bing and other products of the company

This writes reports Biznestsentr.

As noted, Bing is not going to disappear, but the Microsoft Search is the new name for the combination of Bing and the search results that the user can expect to find in Windows applications. The new search is designed to combine traditional search results with the commands, functions, applications and personalized results. The search moves to the middle area of Office applications that allows users to find Excel's commands and functions in the results, along with documents and other search results.

A new search experience, Microsoft will be contextual for each application and even integrated into third-party services in 2019. First and Bing will place at the top of the search results, local websites, files and company contacts. Next year Microsoft Office will be updated to include support for navigation and command from the search bar.

In addition to integrating with Office, Microsoft will also introduce the new search as default search engine in Windows 10. In the first half of 2019 search in Windows 10 will be updated to include the results of a search through the local sites and organizations. He will become more powerful after third-party services and applications will also be able to work with him in 2019.

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