First Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Spring and the first Deputy head of the national police Vyacheslav Abroskin being at the meeting in Odessa held a meeting with the local police, where was adopted a number of decisions

Begins operational testing with the involvement of the national guard. Group is created by public organizations - the action of national police in Odessa

As reported mediaUAabout this in Facebook wrote Deputy Director of the Department of communication of the interior Ministry of Ukraine Viktoria navrotskaya.

She said: "During the operational meeting with the law enforcement field (police, security service of Ukraine, regional Prosecutor's office) has taken the following decisions:

from the 25th of September in the region begins operational testing. Involved forces of the police and the national guard in the region, as well as specialists of the criminal block of the Central unit FSL.

- creates a permanent monitoring group, which will monitor the situation on work with public organizations. It will include representatives of the police, in particular, units for communications and public relations, and social activists.

- to enhance security in the region will work as a collaborative group of patrol police and the national guard.

Sergey Yarovoy said that: "it is essential to stop any attempts of pressure, intimidation, and the more criminal of the massacre of the Patriotic and public organizations of Odessa region. It's the principle of the common position of the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, who, incidentally, in early October, plan to visit the region".

Separately all over Ukraine will be the analysis of work of the security company. In the case that they were involved in illegal actions or raids, they will be deprived of a license."

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We will remind that on September 22 in Odessa shot at a public activist, head of the city organization of the party "People's Force" Oleg Mikhailik. Local media clarify that the Mikhailik repeatedly made against the municipal administration of Odessa.

The investigation into the attack was joined by the security Service of Ukraine. Her staff questioned the environment Mikhailik and witnesses of the attack.

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