The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 19 September appointed Roman Isaenko acting head of the State service on medicinal products and drug control.

Temporary head of the Administration appointed Isaenko, - Ministry of health

As reported mediaUA, reported the press service of the Ministry of health on Facebook.

The report notes: "Today, September 24, the staff of the State service of Ukraine on medicines and drug control presented Roman Isayenko as acting Chairman of the Service. Roman Isayenko was appointed to this position by the corresponding decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 19 September

Prior to this appointment Roman Isayenko was Deputy Chairman of the state Service from August 2017.

Roman Isayenko will temporarily perform the duties of the head of the Administration - while the dismissed former head of Natalya Gudz.

Recall, 19 September, the Government took the decision to suspend and initiate disciplinary proceedings against the Chairman of the Administration Natalia Gudz and first Deputy Chairman Vladislav Service of the Virgin, on the facts of unjustified ban on different vaccines within the last year

Read the " mediaUA": the Cabinet of Ministers dismissed the head of the Administration Gudz and its first Deputy - Suprun

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