The White House hopes that Moscow will reconsider its decision

"This would be a significant escalation," U.S. responded to the Russian plans to transfer Syria s-300

Adviser to the national security of the United States John Bolton said on Monday, September 24 that Russia plans to provide Syria missile system With-300 will be "a significant escalation" on the part of Moscow. mediaUA reports about this citing "Voice of America".

According to Bolton, the White House still hopes that Russia will reconsider its decision.

As stated on Monday, September 24 the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu, Russia will give the Syrian army the s-300 in two weeks. Moscow decided to take this step in connection with the crash of his plane Il-20.

"Let me stress that in 2013, at the request of the Israeli side, we suspended the delivery to Syria of s-300 complex, which was prepared for shipping, and Syrian soldiers have been trained. Today the situation has changed. Not our fault," - said Shoigu.

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We will remind, the Russian defense Ministry reported that on 17 September at about 23:00 GMT when you return to the base Hamim above the Mediterranean sea, 35 kilometers off the coast of Syria has lost communication with the crew of the Russian aircraft Il-20. It specified that the "mark of the Il-20 on radar control aircraft disappeared during the attack, four Israeli F-16s Syrian targets in Latakia province".

Later the Russian defense Ministry stated that the plane was shot down by air defense system of Syria. Under the guise of Il-20, Israeli pilots had framed him for the fire system s-200, according to the defense Ministry. It was noted that Israeli controls the aircraft and the pilots of the F-16 "could not see the Russian aircraft as it was landing from a height of 5 km." However, they deliberately went to the provocation, said the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, said that Russia viewed Israel's actions as hostile.

Later, Israel called the cause of the crash of a Russian military plane Il-20 indiscriminate fire of the Syrian air defense systems (PVO).

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