The construction of the complex should be complete in 2019. Gmina Dubeninki, within which there is a building that borders with the Kaliningrad region.

Watch tower, administrative building, garage: Poland is building a new border post on the border with Russia

Poland is building on the border with the Kaliningrad oblast of Russia's new frontier. The construction of a complex consisting of administrative building, garage and guard tower will cost the Polish Treasury 14.6 million PLN is nearly 3.5 million euros, according to mediaUA with reference to

Monday, September 24, at the place of erection of new border outposts, the ceremony of laying the first stone.

"It is an important object because it is located in a place of special importance, at the junction of three borders (Poland, Russia and Lithuania – ed.). Here the protection of the Polish border, and with it the external borders of the European Union is a priority" – said during the ceremony Deputy foreign Minister of Poland Yaroslav Zelinskiy.

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The Deputy Minister stressed that the new facility will serve to strengthen the security of the Polish border.

"In the current immigration situation, we see how important it is to effectively protect the borders and the territory of the Republic from those who should not be in this territory," – said the Deputy head of the foreign Ministry.

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