First Deputy head of national police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin said that the case about the attack on the activist Mikhailik has prospects to be disclosed.

There are some developments that suggest that the crime will be solved, - Abroskin about the attack on Mikhailik

As reported mediaUA about this he wrote in Facebook.

Abroskin said: "the results of the meeting in the Directorate of the National police of the Odessa region can say that from the first hours after the attack on the public activist Oleg Mikhailik created enhanced investigative team comprised of experienced detectives and investigators.

These actions made it possible to gather the necessary evidence, which currently allows to say that there are already some practices and this crime will be solved.

In the first nine months on the territory of Odessa region 83 committed premeditated murder and today remain open for 12 of them before the end of year 6 will be revealed".

Read the " mediaUA"In the region begins operational testing with the use of the national guard. Creates a monitoring group by public organizations - the action of national police in Odessa

We will remind that on September 22 in Odessa shot at a public activist, head of the city organization of the party "People's Force" Oleg Mikhailik. Local media clarify that the Mikhailik repeatedly made against the municipal administration of Odessa.

The investigation into the attack was joined by the security Service of Ukraine. Her staff questioned the environment Mikhailik and witnesses of the attack.

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