A veteran of the ATO, a former soldier of the 25th brigade, now a famous blogger Valery Ananiev - detained in the Dnipropetrovsk region shortly before the presentation of his book "Marks on the road."

The veteran was a paratrooper and blogger Ananiev detained by police in the Dnipropetrovsk region. He was wanted (updated)

As reported mediaUA, this he wrote in Facebook.

Ananiev said: "Sitting in handcuffs in the police car. I'm sorry, everybody. The presentation at will. Taken to the police Department Novomoskovsk".

Witness the detention of Igor Hmilevsky wrote: "five minutes prior to the presentation in the lobby of the city library Valery was approached by four men in civilian clothes. Had the police Novomoskovsk, flashed a badge and a certificate. Said keep him on someone's statement. Lucky in the Department of Novomoskovsk. More information yet"

Activist Vyacheslav Poezdnik said: "Valera Ananiev, which the cops detained before the presentation of his book, is now in the Department of Novomoskovsk.

He is charged with article 122 of part 1 because he informed someone gave in the face. (here I do not know the details of whether it was or not).

On lattices police Department people are not allowed. Our people on the spot, if that be known to additionally complement the post."

Later Poezdnik said: "Ananyev was NOT released. Just gave a talk to fans on the steps of the police Department. Now with him talking to his lawyer. Tomorrow at 9:00 court.

As follows from the official information of the MIA blogger was wanted from April 2018.

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