If the bombing will not stop, refugees could be 800,000

More than 30 500 people have fled their homes in Syria because of the bombing of Assad's forces and the Russian aviation.

According to the United Nations, more than 30 thousand inhabitants of North-Western Syria have fled their homes because of the bombing of the Syrian government and allied forces. mediaUA informs with reference to Reuters.

"30 542 people left the North-West of Syria, going to different areas around Idlib," – said at a press conference in Geneva, the office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs UN David Swanson

According to him, almost half of the refugees went to special camps, a third found shelter with relatives. Only one in ten could afford to rent a house. Others settled in illegal camps.

If the bombing will not stop, refugees could become 800,000 people, according to the UN. If it happens, it will be the biggest humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century.

Recall from day to day, the army of Syrian dictator Assad is preparing to launch a large scale offensive in Idlib province last territory in the country, which is controlled by anti-government forces. Previously several air strikes on the borders of the province has already carried out the Russian aviation, which supports Assad and his regime. As a result of the strikes killed including civilians.

In Idlib and in the neighboring provinces of Hama, Latakia and Aleppo for the Syrian opposition-controlled territories currently home to 3 million people.

The United States strongly oppose the offensive of Assad's forces on Idlib. Washington believes that it can lead to a sharp escalation of the conflict. The U.S. military stationed in Syria, began teaching, to show Russia its capabilities.

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