An Israeli citizen, an award-winning volunteer Bari Bonneau was found without signs of life in the apartment in Kiev.

Israeli volunteer Bari Bonneau found dead in Kiev. PHOTO

About it I wrote in Facebook the editor-in-chief mediaUA journalist.

He said:"Found dead in the apartment in Kiev place of residence Bari Bonneau - Israeli citizen who worked for a long time in Ukraine was awarded for volunteering with the medal of one of public organizations. Initial information about the death in Kiev foreigner, instructor of the National guard was wrong.

Visit Bari Bonneau (Bar Bonen) today at about 6 in the morning left this message:

"I have a broken soul, and I opened it too hard for most of you.
I can't take this inner pain...
I just want to say goodbye to all the people I had the honor to be friends and be close in my life...
And ask for forgiveness from those I hurt or offended by their actions...
Please remember me as a good man who did a lot and mostly good things in his life...".

Sources " mediaUA" reported that recently Bari Bonneau led the page of the public organization "Georgian Legion" Mamuka Mamulashvili Director comments," mediaUA" said

"I knew Bari, he helped us as a volunteer. He was not involved in the fighting in Ukraine, and was an instructor of the national guard, but he supported our struggle. We didn't meet last month and a half, I don't know what he was doing at the time. But when we met he wasn't depressed and he wasn't like a man with problems, I have not heard that he had money or something. Know him as a decent man, hard to believe that he could die according to his will".

Next to the body of Bari, the police found a starter pistol, converted by firing live rounds of 9 mm. At the moment the situation looks like a suicide. But of course, it is necessary to check all the evidence and clues. Bari knew a lot of people in Ukraine, there are certainly eyewitnesses.

According to rumors, Bari had contact with a number of state structures of Ukraine, in the contact details of their loved ones he hadn't.

"mediaUA" will report on the investigation into this tragedy."

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