The staff of tax police GU of the SFS in the Kharkiv region has stopped the sale of cigarettes of foreign manufacture which are not marked with excise tax stamps of Ukraine.

Sale of cigarettes of foreign production without excise tax stamps of Ukraine in the amount of 560 thousand UAH discontinued in Kharkov. PHOTO

About this mediaUA reported in the press service of the SFS.

The report notes: "In the framework of the operations "Excise tax 2018" and "Boundary-2018", it was established that on the territory of the Central market of Kharkov one of the locals provides storage and realization of tobacco products of foreign production without excise tax stamps that were imported on the territory of Ukraine with violation of customs legislation.

The results of the activities, from illegal circulation it is withdrawn and transferred to responsible storage to 12.3 thousand packs of cigarettes worth 560,9 thousand UAH.

Concerning the offender made the Protocol on an administrative offense under part 1 of article 164-5 Art".

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