Cops accused of "illegal border crossing" and say that the fishermen sailed to the Crimea to "make friends" with the local

FSB detained in the occupied Crimea two Ukrainian sailors

At siwash lake, the Russian border guards detained two Ukrainian fishermen. mediaUA reports about it with reference to the Crimea.Realities.

According to the border guard of FSB of Russia, citizens of Ukraine was accused of "illegal border crossing", they were detained at the time of mooring to the shore of the Crimea on the boat.

"When viewed from the boats of fishermen, on Board there are about 20 kg of water biological resources mullets species of fish," – said in the message.

The FSB claim that the citizens of Ukraine, going fishing, decided deliberately to approach the shore of the Crimea "to establish friendly relations and exchange of experience with the Crimean fishermen".

Ukrainian fishermen detained for 48 hours to confirm their identity, according to Russian security forces. At the same time, the FSB did not name names of arrested citizens.

Informed in the state border service of Ukraine has repeatedly stated that to identify the detained FSB admingranitse in the Crimea citizens of Ukraine, as the Russian side does not open their personal data. Also, the Ukrainian guards claim that they do not support "contacts with the occupiers".

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After the annexation of Crimea by Russia in early 2014 between mainland Ukraine and the Peninsula had been laid formally administrative but in fact – a real border. In the Kherson region admingranitse in the Crimea there are three control points of entry/exit "Kalanchak", "Chongar" and "Chaplynka".

International organizations have recognized the occupation and annexation of Crimea as illegal and have condemned Russia's actions. Western countries have imposed a series of economic sanctions. Russia denies its occupation of the Peninsula and calls it the "restoration of historical justice". The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has officially announced the date of occupation of the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia on 20 February 2014.

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