The Embassy of Ukraine strongly condemns the illegal visit of the delegation headed by former member of the Council of States E. Balseros in occupied Crimea, which constituted a violation of Ukrainian law and contradicts the official position of Switzerland on the recognition of the occupation of Crimea by Russia.

Ukraine condemned the illegal visit of "delegation" in occupied Crimea and is waiting for the "appropriate assessment" by the authorities of the Confederation, Embassy

It is stated in the statement published on the website of the Embassy, writes mediaUA.

"I regret that the observance of the rule of law Confederation was a person who gave himself to instrumentalisierung Russian propaganda, ignored the laws of another state, and enthusiastically talk about life in the Crimea, where they continue to flout human rights, the continuing repression against the Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians", - the statement stresses.

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Also, the Embassy expressed hope that the visit will be given a "proper assessment": "we Appreciate that the government of Switzerland has consistently supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine and hope that this visit will be given a proper assessment. Ukraine reserves the right to apply to foreign citizens who violate the rules of entering the occupied territories, sanctions".

Note that September 10 in the Russian and the Crimean occupation, the media reported about the visit of "delegation of Switzerland". So, "KP Crimea" writes: "the representatives of the delegation of the Swiss Confederation, who arrived in Sevastopol, said that "the Crimean people are not suffering, but quickly will grow and prosper". A bilateral meeting of representatives of the government of Sevastopol and the foreign delegation was held on 10 September on the basis of the Sevastopol state University." In the note indicated that the "head of delegation" - "a former member of the Council of cantons of the Swiss Confederation Edward Belzer".

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