Government initiatives to curb smuggling and financing arrangements in the export / import of goods allowed to increase the volume of daily payments from the customs of the State fiscal service.

Daily payments at customs rose to 1.5 billion hryvnia.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, speaking to reporters in Odessa media reports mediaUA with reference to the Government portal.

The head of government stressed that the government's rate of eradication schemes on the border sbagliata will not. Moreover, legal businesses, assured the head of government, have nothing to fear. But anyone who is trying to build a scheme to Rob the country, "will not descend".

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This idea was the basis not only of relations "owner - controller" and "customs officer - the policeman". According to the Cabinet decision, all law enforcement agencies have access to databases and can in real time to analyze the situation on the border and abuses.

"Why should we close our eyes to all the abuses that make the country poorer? Our position is as follows: all law enforcement agencies - the Prosecutor's office, National anti-corruption Bureau, security service, - please stay tuned. And customs officials do their job, that no one was povadno to plunder the country, - said Vladimir Groisman. - Our solutions are eliminated based schemes. Daily arrivals have risen to 1.5 billion. The funds belong to the citizens, and nobody has the right to take them. Our task - to fill the state Treasury."

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The press service added that, according to the State fiscal service, since the announcement of the campaign "Ukraine without contraband" - from June 21 to September 10 - the volume of customs duties grew by UAH 14.6 bn compared to the same period last year. Special attention is paid to the destruction of the existing "shadow" schemes of corruption involving authorised officers.

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