In a combat zone died Valentin Belinsky. Since 2014 he has been a volunteer in the East, made about a hundred humanitarian journeys to the front, and a year ago signed a contract with the APU.

Ex-volunteer and a warrior of the 59th OMB Valentin Belinsky died in the Donbass. PHOTO

"Just fell asleep and never woke up. Previously, a blood clot, but the exact cause of death will be confirmed after the autopsy. It happened in Donetsk region, the "front" ... ", - he told Винниця.info sister soldier Valery Domansky, reports mediaUA.

Valentin had his own business related to transportation.

"Almost "killed" my car numerous trips. He made the most out of our guys. And then he said that he could not just sit at home and signed a contract, he served in the fifty-ninth separate motorized infantry brigade", - continues Valery.

In the winery Valentine had a wife and small child.

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