Sep 10 15:38 near train station "Xvylynka" in Kharkov, the train to death brought down the elderly woman.

An elderly woman died under the wheels of a train in Kharkiv - the police

"In Novosibirskiy the police Department received a report that a freight train that was moving in the direction of the city Lyubotin, downed woman. According to the driver, she crossed the path and at the last moment threw himself under the wheels of the train. The accident pensioner died on the spot", - quotes mediaUA the message of Department of communication of the police in Kharkiv region.

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The identity of the deceased is not yet established, previously, the woman was about 80 years old.

Information registered in the magazine of the uniform accounting of statements and messages Novobakinskogo police Department. The issue of qualifying the events in the Criminal code of Ukraine. Circumstances of incident are established.

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