Ukrainian army has received in 2017, more than 1,3 thousand units of weapons and military equipment, and at the beginning of next year will receive about 1 thousand

APU get to the end of the year more than 1 thousand units of weapons and military equipment, – Poroshenko reports mediaUA with reference to 112, on 14 October during transfer of 200 units of equipment in the APU said in the Zhytomyr region, President Petro Poroshenko.
"The new quality of the army became possible thanks to the solidarity of the Ukrainian people. I remember 2014, the defence industry was transferred by the party of arms, which is enough only for platoon. Today only tanks we share so much that will be enough to provide complete tank brigade. Now the Ukrainian army is becoming stronger with the next batch, which consists of more than 200 armored vehicles, artillery, aircraft, anti-aircraft missile complexes and other samples," - said the President.

He listed the new samples of Ukrainian weapons, which was adopted in the course of this year.
"Portable missile complex "Le Corsaire", armored vehicle "Kozak-2", automatic, "Volcano", radio-relay station R-414 and R-402, signal mines, screen-exhaust device, the exerciser of the crew of the BTR-4 and many other models", - the President listed.
"In General, for 2017, the Armed forces of Ukraine has transferred about 1.3 thousand units of weapons and military equipment. More than 22 thousand of rockets and other ammunition. Until the end of the year, the army will have more than 1 thousand weapons and military equipment. This is a Prime example of how the President, the government refer to VSU", - he stressed.