Lawyer Olga Dinze 10 September 2018 after the trial visited a Ukrainian activist, a political prisoner of Vladimir Baloga in the detention center of Simferopol.

State of Baluja worsened, he was forced to take painkillers, - Dinze

This writes the mediaUA with a link to the website of "Crimean human rights group".

According to Olga Dinze, Ukrainian looks very bad. "My client painful, he feels bad about herself. Vladimir suffers severe headaches, dizziness, pain in the back and liver. He takes painkillers. The situation with the hunger strike remains unchanged," - said Olga Dinze.

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We recall the morning of 10 September held court in the "Supreme court" of the occupied Crimea. The court dismissed the appeal of protection of the Ukrainian failure "Railway district court" Simferopol on termination of proceedings on the application for parole of Vladimir Baloga.

"Court" also has cancelled the decision of the court on prolongation of a preventive measure.

At the beginning of the hearing, "the Prosecutor" Dennis Myshkin moved to dismiss the consideration of the petition for parole on the first sentence, as has already been handed down a new verdict. The judge has satisfied the petition "the Prosecutor".

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The meeting was open, but the death of Baluja the courtroom was not taken, he participated in the meeting via video link.

According to the lawyer, the meeting was very tense, Mr Baloch protested the speech of the Russian Prosecutor, who called the decision "Railway district court" Simferopol on refusal in UDO to the "reasonable and legitimate".

"Vladimir was outraged and stated that he no longer wants "to participate in this farce." "Judge" decided to disable communication with jail, effectively removing Baloha with the meeting," – said Olga Dinze.

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The lawyer stressed that, considering the appeal of protection for a decision about parole Vladimir Baluja the "Supreme court" referred to the characteristic of the activist from the administration of the Crimean jail, which was not investigated in the "court" of first instance. Olga Dinze believes that the court's decision was unjustified and illegal.

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