In the Czech city of Liberec at the military cemetery Ruprechtice solemn opening of the restored monument to soldiers of the Mountain brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army, who from 1920 to 1926 there were in this city internment Camp parts of the CAA.

Monument to soldiers of the UNR in Liberec was restored, and Meade. Photos

It is reported mediaUA , citing the foreign Ministry's website, the monument was erected in Liberec military cemetery in 1927, but in the 1960-ies, after renovations at the cemetery, the monument was removed from the pedestal.

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The sculptural composition of the Ukrainian artist and sculptor Vasyl Kasiyan, who portrayed the murdered body of the arrow, which was frozen in grief wife and two daughters, for a long time the war was virtually nameless. All signs that identified the sculpture as a monument to Ukrainian soldiers, were destroyed by the Communist regime. But people still lay flowers to the monument as the tomb of the unknown warrior.

"In September 2018, with the financial support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Czech Republic, by the forces of sculptor Mary Vampirskoj with significant assistance of the leader of the Ukrainian society Natalia Dotsenko and researchers Anna Velichko and Sergey Perepechko, managed to restore the original inscriptions on the monument and lists of buried soldiers.

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In the opening of the renovated cultural composition was attended by the Ambassador of Ukraine Yevhen Perebiynis from Ukraine, the Hetman of the Liberec region Martin Bond, mayor of Liberec, Tibor Battioni, father Ivan Semotuk and choir of the Greek Catholic Church in Liberec, in which is sounded at the end of the Ukrainian insurgent song. In his speech the Ambassador underlined that the opening of this monument - a significant event for all the foreign Ukrainians, because the Ukrainian state is finally at the proper level begins to honor the memory of their heroes, to take care of their sanctuaries abroad and respect its history", - stated in the message.

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