Work continues pyrotechnic calculation of the State service for emergency situations of Ukraine (gschs) in the Luhansk region, demining of the area.

From the beginning of the pyrotechnics investigated 817,32 hectares of the territory of the Luhansk region seized more than 6 thousand explosive subjects, - SSES. VIDEO

Over the past week - from 3 to 9 September - the pyrotechnics were examined of 40.53 hectares of terrain, writes mediaUA with a link to the website of gschs.

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The result was discovered and seized 270 items (103 artillery shells, mortar rounds, 6, 152 hand grenades, 4 ammunition engineering, 1 fuse 4 pieces of other explosive subjects and 41 cartridge).

"Since the beginning of the year gschs pyrotechnic calculations were carried out 834 exit surveyed 817,32 hectares of area where found and seized 5892 units of explosive subjects and 819 rounds of ammunition", - rescuers report.

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