"Arbitration court" in the occupied Crimea decided that the plant "Crimean Titan" in Armyansk should pay to the Russian budget 736,9 million rubles (about € 9 million) for a negative impact on the environment.

Occupation "court" ordered "the Crimean Titan" to pay to the Russian budget of about 9 million euros for a negative impact on the environment

It is stated in the message published on the website of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of nature, reports mediaUA.

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In particular, the following quote from the decision "of the court": "the Failure to pay the Society a specified amount of violated interests of the state and an indefinite number of persons, namely citizens of the right to a healthy environment and its protection from the negative impact caused by economic activity. Misconduct of the applicant prevent the implementation of the principles of environmental protection and violate the rights of citizens to a favourable environment and ecological safety".

In the course of control of payment for negative impact on the environment, LLC "Titanium Investment" for the wastes of production and consumption, it is determined that the main types of generated waste are liquid industrial waste is placed in "kislorodolechenie".

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Recall that in late August, information appeared that from a chemical plant because of the heat started to evaporate the harmful substances. The border guards of the Kherson group found exceeding the content of chemical substances in the air.

The occupation authorities of the Crimea declared that the plant "Crimean Titan" will be shut down for two weeks. Children of preschool and school-age children EN masse out of the city.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has invited children from Armyansk will be improved in the Kherson region. However, according to Kherson regional state administration, depending on the wind 6 villages in Kherson oblast fall within the range of the emissions from the factory "Titan". As of September 7, due to emissions of the "Titan" of the 7 villages of Kherson region was taken to recovery 193 children and 4 pregnant women.

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