In Konotop (Sumy region) supported by the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine on September 8 the festival of Ukrainian music "Your Country fest".

Festival of Ukrainian music "Your Country fest" was held at the Russian border in Sumy region, - Ministry of information policy. Photos

Thousands of people came to hear songs sung by the group "Mandry", "Antibodies", GrozovSka Band, Maria Burmaka and Gypsy Lyre, writes mediaUA with reference to the MIP website.

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"Ukrainian song got close to the border with Russia. The "tender Ukrainization" in action - concert in Konotop came thousands of people. Our music will continue to sound where most expect and need," said Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yuriy stets.

Visitors of the concert handed out hundreds of books on the history of Ukraine, published with the support of MIP.

"Every city is some completely different emotions, something that will remain in my heart forever! It surpassed all expectations", - shared his impressions of Maria Burmaka.

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Konotop became the fourth city where the festival of the "Your Country fest".

"The format of the event allows you to hear a modern Ukrainian song tens of thousands of people in small towns. In Konotop was hot! On turn Mukachevo", - said the leader of the group "Mandry" Serhiy Fomenko.

Recall, August 24, 2018 "Your Country fest" was held near Mariupol (Donetsk region). On 11 August the festival was held in Izmail, on the border with Romania, on August 18 in Genichesk near admingranitsy occupied Crimea.

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On 15 September, the festival in Mukachevo (Transcarpathian region, border with Hungary), September 22 - in Novoselytsia (Chernivtsi region, the border with Romania and Moldova), September 29 - in Sarny (Rivne oblast, border with Belarus).

The main goal of "Your Country fest" was to bring modern Ukrainian music to the most remote corners of Ukraine, which artists rarely include in their schedules.

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