Advisor to the President for homeland security John Bolton on Monday promised more powerful the response of Washington and its partners in the case that the Syrian government will again use chemical weapons.

If there is a third use of chemical weapons in Syria, followed by a much more powerful response than before, Bolton

It is reported mediaUA, this writes Interfax-Ukraine.

"In the last days we tried to convey the message that if there is a third use of chemical weapons, then the response will be much stronger (than before. - Ed.)", - he said, speaking in Washington.

"I can say that we are consulting with the British and French, who joined us during the second attack (on Syria. - Ed.) and they also agreed that even the result of another use of chemical weapons would be a much more powerful response," added the Advisor.

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Earlier, the American newspaper "wall street journal" reported that American intelligence supposedly received information about the resolution of the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad government forces, to apply chlorine in the course of the operation for the liberation from the terrorists of Idlib.

4 April 2017, in the Syrian town of Khan shaykhun was carried out the chemical attack, which killed nearly 100 people. Most Western countries and the Syrian opposition blamed it on the Syrian government. In Damascus reject these accusations.

However, on the night of 7 April 2017 USA struck cruise missiles on Syrian military base Shirt.

April 7, 2018, representatives of the armed Syrian opposition in Eastern ghouta, stated on the possible use by government forces of poison gas in the Syrian city of Duma against the militants and the civilian population.

Damascus has repeatedly denied allegations of use of chemical weapons. Russia considered the video footage of the incident staged.

However, on 14 April, the United States, Britain and France bombed targets in Syrian territory, allegedly associated with the production and storage of chemical weapons.

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