Invaders from morning carried out searches and detention of Crimean Tatar activists in the occupied Crimea. Detained 4 people: Zeki Kulametov, Riana Kulahmetova, Zarema Kulametov and Marlen Mustafaev.

Invaders from morning carried out searches in the homes of Crimean Tatar activists, detained 4 people, "the Crimean solidarity". VIDEO+PHOTOS

It is stated in the message "the Crimean solidarity," reports mediaUA.

"Today, 4 September 2018, in the heater section of the Simferopol area, community gardens, myasoedovskaya str., conducted a search at Marlena Mustafayev. In the house at the moment is young daughter, which is not two years old, and an elderly sick mother-in-law. The street is a police van, which blocked the entrance to the courtyard Mustafayev. According to preliminary data, a search initiated by the FSB. On the questions of why so early "visit" the staff do not answer. Marlena Mustafayev took the staff of power structures. According to his wife, the house was searched for weapons. Documents were seized, phones. Marlena Mustafayev is charged with article 282 of part one. Currently lawyers are trying to ascertain his whereabouts. However, the investigative Committee of Simferopol it is not. Marlena Mustafayev brought to the state Ministry of interior of the Republic of Crimea. Lawyer Eden Semilaeve thereto are not allowed. His call on the hot line, he promised in the next 30 days to consider his statement," - said in the message.

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A search at Marlena Mustafayev

Marlen Mustafaev

Your browser does not support HTML5 video"Marlen Mustafaev - the civil activist, has never remained aloof from the problems of the people, helped the families of political prisoners. Recall, February 21, 2017 law enforcement officers conducted a search in the house Mustafayev, subsequently, he was detained for 10 days. He was accused of placing publications in social networks in July 2014. He was then detained another ten people who came to support the activist to his home. Also, starting from September 17 of last year, Mustafayev was periodically summoned to the Investigative Committee of the Kiev district of Simferopol to testify. His lawyer Mammet Mambetov said that as a way to pressure the activists, pointing out that under the law, preliminary examination may not last longer than one month without good reason," - said human rights activists.

In the Old Crimea, the Crimean Tatar activist mother Maria Kulametov taken away in an unknown direction. About the Crimea.Realities told her daughter Riana Kulametov.

According to the girl, her mother was in a Park in Old Crimea, where he worked for the punishment of 250 hours of compulsory work.

"Arrived in a white van and grey car, as I have said, my mom walked in the Park, the security forces, showed the certificate and taken away. She does not communicate. Now I came to our home in Old to Crimea where we lived before, it blocked the whole street and me in the house is not allowed", – told the daughter of Kulahmetova.

In the words of Rihanna, now the house, once the home of Zarema son Gere rented.

"Maria Kulametov delivered to the house, which is now live Abdullah Yakubov, at the city of Staryy Krym street October,45. This house belongs to the son Zarema-Gerau Kulametov. Recall that Zarema Kulametov clashed with security forces in late January 2018, when they came with a search warrant at the home of her son Giray Kulametov one of last year's participants of pickets against the persecution of Muslims in Crimea. Then they took him away from home, family and caring people could not find him for several hours. Along with everyone trying to find son and mother Zarema Kulametov. In a fit of emotion, despair and fear for his son, Zarema emotionally spoke to the security officials and was under their scrutiny. February 24, concerning it criminal case under article 319 of the Russian Criminal code (insulting a representative of authorities). 23 April 2018 the accused under article 319 of the criminal code ("insult of representative of power") of Maria Kulametov, was sentenced to 250 hours of compulsory work and a fine in the amount of 20,000 thousand rubles", - reported in "Crimean solidarity".

"Near the house, detained the father Giray Kulametov of Seki Kulametov, and sister Riana Kulametov Giray, who conducted a live broadcast from the scene. They were held in the house where the search warrant. Investigative actions are carried out in house, where Abdullah Yakubov, businessman, philanthropist of many holidays, an honorable man, father of many children," - said human rights activists.

"In the house Seccia Kulametov also launched a search," - said later the defenders.

"According to preliminary data it became known that today, on 4 September 2018 at 15:00 will be the court for an administrative offense of Kulahmetova Zarema and Kulahmetova of Rihanna. What kind of offence and the article imputed to them is not known," - said human rights activists.

Riana and Zarema Kulametov.

The invaders carry out searches of the Crimean Tatars.

Seccia Kulametov

Zarema Kulametov

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