An air leak on the International space station (ISS) has occurred from-for arisen on the Earth of manufacturing defects on Board docked her ship "Soyuz MS-09". The incident occurred on the night of 30 June, the first announced American branch mass-media, then information was confirmed by the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin.

The ISS has leaked air because of the Russian "Union": the crack in the ground covered with glue that dried up and disappeared. Rogozin suspects astronauts. VIDEO

This writes the mediaUA with reference to gazetasi.

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"We have tonight was an emergency situation on the ISS, air leakage, pressure drop. Steps were taken to determine where the fluid is leaking. American crew gathered in the Russian segment, he said. All six astronauts were in the Russian segment. Then alternately place the overlap of the compartments, to understand where really what happened. Eventually we isolated the problem. Turns out it's all on the Russian segment, and not the us, and not on the market, but on the "Soyuz MS".

At the same time and were made version of the natural origin of cracks due to the impact of a micrometeor. "Leak detected. The repair kit is on Board. Crew life is not threatened," - said Rogozin.

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The leakage rate do not constitute a threat – pressure on the station has declined by approximately 0.8 millimeter of mercury per hour. It was initially reported that the leak occurred through two holes later on the same day, NASA reported the same hole – with a diameter of about two millimeters.

The hole was discovered by the astronaut of the European space Agency Alexander Gershom in the living compartment next to the front hatch right behind the bathrooms, and the search it went live, which NASA broadcast online.

The hole for the beginning of the taped special kapetanovo tape-based polymer for insulation in aircraft and spacecraft. But the question about what to do next, caused controversy on the ISS. ISS commander Andrew Feustel proposed to follow the situation day and to develop the optimal repair plan. The Russian side insisted immediately on emergency repairs with sealant, insulation and medical gauze.

September 3, 4 days after the incident, the unnamed sources said that the cause of the hole sought and found on Earth

"The cause of the holes in the inner casing of household compartment of the spacecraft "Soyuz MS-09" installed. It originated on Earth. Responsible for the negligence established," — said the source RIA "Novosti".

The marriage was allowed in the design of the ship in the RSC "Energia", it is assumed that the employee realized the error, patched the crack with a special glue that made it possible to detect the hole in the hull while checking for leaks.

"However, in the future, the glue has dried up and were squeezed out by opening the hole," explained another source.

"Checks the version of the earth. But there is another version that we do not reject the deliberate exposure in space. There are several attempts impact drill," — said Rogozin later

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