Russia did not fulfill the agreement on friendship with Ukraine.

We used the Treaty of friendship with Russia in our lawsuits, but in the case of extending it will start to work against us - Klimkin

About this on ICTV said on September 3, Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, reports mediaUA with reference to Gordon.

"If you look at the contract, I believe that the issue concerning it was set in 2003 during Tuzla. Then there was the gas war, and then Russia, by definition, do not fulfill this contract. But when you have someone to have a contract and someone is not performing, what are you doing? You do not reject it, as this agreement you are trying to force someone who does not, first- run, and, secondly, to compensate the damage", – said the Minister.

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He noted that the document used in claims against Russia.

"Therefore, this agreement... terms of the emotional, it's clear that what can be friendship or cooperation? From a political point of view as well. But we have used this contract in our lawsuits, we refer to it. In legal terms, this agreement worked for us, no matter how bad it may seem emotionally or politically. But there comes a "time x" – we or prolonging, or not. Imagine theoretically that we are rescheduling. Then Russia will say, "Well, they did it rolled over. So, they continue to agree with him". He even legally start to work against us," – said Klimkin.

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