The national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the areas of energy and utilities of Ukraine (NKREKU), issued OOO "Gaziosmanpasa company "Naftogaz heat and Gaziosmanpasa company "Naftogaz trading", a 100% "granddaughters" of the NAC, the license for supply of natural gas.

The national Commission issued licenses to the new subsidiaries of "Naftogaz"

The relevant decisions of the Commission adopted at the meeting on Tuesday, September 4, Biznestsentr reports with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

Chief commercial officer Yuriy Vitrenko said that the group "Naftogaz of Ukraine" are created by companies that specialize, respectively, for the supply of gas to the population, supplying gas to heaters and gas trade in the wholesale market.

He also noted that such a division will give everyone an idea of the profitability or unprofitability of the business segments of the group.

"People will see the profit of each company. Yes, we have record profits. But they have us because we win "Gazprom" in Stockholm. If there is no win for transit, then we would be losing in 2016. And people say that you pay rates that are higher than economically justified and this leads to super-profits "Naftogaz". That is so not true," – said Vitrenko in an interview to "5 channel".

"We have the profitability of the gas business from exploration to sales of gas to the population about 4%. We only came out last year that this profitability was positive. We have in 2016, the profitability was negative. That is, we were losing money. This initiative therefore is to have a separate company in order to be transparent," – said the commercial Director of NAC.

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As reported, LLC "Gaziosmanpasa company "Naftogaz heat and Gaziosmanpasa company "Naftogaz trading" was in mid-August 2018. On their sites reported the intention to become traders for teplosnabzhayuschih gas companies and industrial consumers respectively.

A year earlier, the national Commission issued a license for the supply of gas, OOO "Gaziosmanpasa company "Naftogaz of Ukraine".

Subsidiaries of NAK – "Gas of Ukraine", owns 100% of all three companies.

"Naftogaz Ukraine" unites the largest oil and gas enterprises of the country. The holding is a monopolist on transit and storage of natural gas in underground storage, and oil transportation by pipeline transport through the territory of the country.

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