A large chemical plant for the production of titanium dioxide branch of LLC "Titanium investment" controlled by Dmitry Firtash in the Crimean Armyansk will be shut down for two weeks due to the maximum permissible concentration of sulfur dioxide in the North of the Peninsula.

Plant Firtash in the occupied Crimea will stop for 2 weeks due to the harmful emissions

This was stated by the head of the occupation authorities Crimea Sergey Aksenov, reports Biznestsentr with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

"Tonight in connection with a change in temperature for the first time, the maximum allowable concentration of sulphur dioxide exceeded the norm. I agreed with the management of the factory "Titan" decided on two weeks to stop the company. Second: in the preventive purposes for all children of school, preschool age to send to relax in our Crimean sanatorium", – said Aksenov.

The official also assured that the health and lives of citizens threatens nothing, and it is done in the preventive purposes, while they developed algorithms for their solution.

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As reported, the residents of Armyansk in the annexed Crimea on August 24, massively complain on social networks for the yellow plaque, like rust, which covered the details of the cars, fences, gas columns, keys, utensils and ornaments of metal. In addition, the trees turn yellow and prematurely shed their leaves. Some of the townspeople have reported a rash and vomiting in children, but also complain of a scratchy and sore throat.

In the Armenian branch of LLC "Titanium investment" has previously stated that emergency situations at the enterprise was not. In the neighboring Armenian Krasnoperekopsk located enterprise "Bromine" and the Crimean soda plant. They have denied any involvement in the strange appearance of rust.

Officials in the region recently said that the dry chemical in Armyansk is evaporation of the contents of kilocalories used by the branch "Titanium investment", aided by a prolonged increase in temperature, prolonged lack of rainfall, and lowering of the water level in kislorodolechenie. Administration of the plant can be brought to administrative responsibility.

Earlier, the Ministry of Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons have also stated the facts of incurring harm to the environment in the border areas of Kherson region as a result of the operation of the plant "Crimean Titan".

Recall that after the annexation of the Peninsula "Crimea Titan" Dmitry Firtash got two registrations, in connection with which, in fact, changed the name: on the territory of Ukraine was registered Ukrainian enterprise of Chemical Products. At the same time, in Moscow was the company "Titanium investment", which also includes the processing plant.

LLC "Titanium investment" is engaged in export of products of the Crimean "Titan" after the annexation of Crimea by Russia, and also supplies the enterprise with raw materials.

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