Since the beginning of 2018 for the maintenance of 4 ships to the disbanded Supreme court of Ukraine spent nearly 109 million, mainly for salaries. All these structures were to be completely eliminated after the launch of the new Supreme Court in December 2017.

The employees of the liquidated of the Supreme Court of Ukraine continue to pay salaries. Paid almost 100 million UAH, - Nashi Groshi. VIDEO

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According to the reply of the Treasury on the request of journalists, on 17 August the Supreme Court of Ukraine used nearly 41 million hryvnia, the Supreme administrative court - more than 27 million, the Highest commercial - about 24 million, the High specialized court for civil and criminal cases - 16 million UAH.

More than 84% of these funds went to the salaries of judges and staff.

In particular, the wage Fund as of July 24 this year was for the Supreme Court of Ukraine - more than 36 million hryvnias, the Supreme administrative court almost 23 million, the highest commercial - to about 20 million hryvnia, higher specialized handling civil and criminal cases - more than 13 million.

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Thus, judges are not carrying out justice, continue to receive judicial salary, but without any surcharges. The monthly salary of a judge amounts to 20 thousand UAH, judges outside of the Supreme Court of Ukraine - almost 23 thousand hryvnia.

In addition, judges who have not passed the competition in the new Supreme court called the elimination of the old court to be unconstitutional and want to get a new Supreme Court without competition.

The Commission recommends that they go to appeals courts, but they refuse.

Judge formally abolished courts mostly insist that the old workplace to do self-development and the study of laws, but some confess that they do not do the work did.

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