BP adopted the law "On amendments to article 11 of the law "About management of objects of state ownership" in terms of streamlining procedures for the disposition of business entities public sector housing to their employees".

Rada allowed to privatize the service housing to employees of state-owned companies

According to Biznestsentr, for the adoption of the government bill No. 3131 on second reading, supported by 243 MPs.

Was even in 2015, the bill proposes to allow the state enterprises, institutions and organizations, business companies, 100% owned by the government, to alienate immovable property, namely housing.

According to the authors of the bill, this will reduce costs of enterprises for the maintenance of such property.

In the explanatory note to the document notes that enterprises, institutions and organizations within its authority and for its own expense may install additional in comparison with the legislation labour and social privileges for workers.

One of the types of social benefits is housing in need of better housing conditions and qualified employees.

At the same time, in accordance with the law "About management of objects of state ownership" of real estate objects of state property not subject to privatization, cannot be alienated, seized, transferred to the authorized capital of business organizations and relative of such property actions may be undertaken, which may result in their exclusion.

It is expected that the bill will allow state companies to reduce expenditure on the maintenance of real property (housing), which does not apply to core activities, to profit from the sale of housing, to ensure the retention of skilled personnel and to solve socio-economic problems of providing housing for the workers.

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"In Ukraine there is a situation when employees of state-owned enterprises, living in the house, which is on the balance sheet, can't get this housing property. This applies to companies and those with a state share is 100%, and are, therefore, not subject to privatization", – explained the MP, one of the bill's authors Anatoly Denisenko.

According to the Deputy from "Samopomich" Victoria Voytsitskoy, this document will allow you to privatize housing the staff of such enterprises, as "Energoatom" and "Ukrenergo".

"Today they (the residents of the houses which are on balance of state-owned enterprises – ed.) pay industrial rates, which are several times higher than the tariffs for the population. In addition, these people have the ability to create and manage a condominium property in which they live," said Voitsitska.

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