In Lugansk area employees of the security Service of Ukraine involved in the operation joint forces, warned involvement of the citizen of Ukraine in criminal activity in favour of "MGB LNR".

Counterintelligence SBU prevented an attempt of recruitment of Ukrainian terrorists "LNR". VIDEO

As reported mediaUA, this was reported in the press center of the SBU.

Your browser does not support HTML5 videoMilitiamen established that the inhabitant of the Watershed was recruited by "the Agency" the terrorists in August of this year, when he returned from the temporarily occupied territory through PPC "Stanitsa Lugansk".

Terrorists are particularly interested in the fact that the man lives near the railway station. Resorting to psychological pressure, representatives of the "MGB" forced him to agree to a tacit cooperation. "Agent" was to track and report the participants of illegal armed formations information about moving through the station Rubezhnoye Ukrainian military equipment.

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To carry out the assignment of Russian mercenaries, the man did not, as became the object of attention of the SBU. A citizen gave testimony regarding the circumstances of his recruitment and tasks.

Security service notes that similar cases are not uncommon. For 2016-2018 in Lugansk area employees of counterintelligence of SBU found almost ninety facts of recruitment of Ukrainian citizens by the intelligence agencies of the country-an aggressor and Pro-Russian insurgents in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

"To force the Ukrainians to commit treason, the enemy has adopted a broad Arsenal of influence, persuasion and blackmail to violent actions", - is told in the message of the SBU.

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It also reminds that, in accordance with article 111 of the Criminal code, treason is punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term up to fifteen years.

"At the same time, citizens of Ukraine, who have not committed any actions pursuant to the criminal task, and voluntarily informed the state authorities about the relationship with the enemy secret service, are exempt from criminal liability. Citizens, in respect of which the enemy attempted to bring to the intelligence-subversive activities against Ukraine, you can contact us by phone round-the-clock "hot" line of GU SBU in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (06452) 4-42-81", - informs the SBU.

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