Additional requirements of the Ministry of defence for 2018 is 13.1 billion UAH.

The defense Ministry has estimated the need for additional funds before the end of the year to 13 billion

This was announced by the Ministry in response to the request of the Agency Interfax-Ukraine, reports Biznestsentr.

"Need additional funds before the end of 2018 is defined pursuant to paragraph 21 of the concluding provisions of the law "On state budget for 2018" and is 13,11 billion," – said in response, the Ministry of defense.

In particular, under the budget program "Management and military management of the Armed forces" and the additional need for accounting for 73.4 million UAH on the program "support to the activities of the APU and the training of troops" – 8,99 billion UAH, "Medical treatment, rehabilitation and health support for personnel APU military service veterans and their families, war veterans" – 121.1 million UAH, "Preparation of military specialists in universities, training and retraining of military specialists and public servants, initial military training and Patriotic education of youth" – 482,2 million.

In addition, under the program "Development, procurement, modernization and repair of weapons, military equipment, vehicles and equipment" takes more than 3.19 billion UAH, "Disposal of ammunition, liquid rocket fuel, armaments, military equipment and other military equipment to ensure the survivability and fire and explosion safety of arsenals, bases and warehouses of the armed forces" – 152,5 million UAH, and also the program "Ensuring activity of the State special transport service" is additionally necessary 103,6 million.

In addition, the defense Ministry reminded that in the preparation of the draft budget for the current year, the Ministry has submitted budget funding request in the amount of 108.1 billion, but in the law "On state budget for 2018" had provided only 86.6 billion UAH.

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As reported earlier, defense Minister Stepan Poltorak has appealed to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman with a request to increase the pay of employees from 1 October, which required additional financing from the budget in the amount of UAH 4.5 billion

According to the defense Ministry, inadequate financial support is the main reason for the dismissal from the Armed Forces after the end of the contract (36%). In total from January to June resigned 11 thousand officers and contractors who had military experience, and another 18 thousand would have to resign before the end of 2018.

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