BP adopted the law "On amendments to some laws of Ukraine regarding cross-border cooperation".

Rada adopted a new law on the participation of the regions of Ukraine in programs of European cooperation

According to Biznestsentr, the adoption of bill No. 6085 in the second reading voted 234 people's Deputy.

As reported, the bill was adopted in first reading by June 2017.

As has explained then the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy, among other things, the adoption of the document will allow the regions of Ukraine to attract European funds for the construction of roads in Ukraine within the project "Europe of the Carpathians".

According to the explanatory note to the document, the draft law was prepared with the aim of establishing a legislative basis for the formation and activities of associations of Euroregional cooperation, the European associations for territorial cooperation, as well as the introduction of transparent conditions for state support of cross-border cooperation projects.

As the authors of the bill, now the question of cross-border cooperation is regulated by the law "On transborder cooperation", which was adopted in 2004 and needs to be updated and detail.

In particular, the current law does not contain provisions on the activities of the associations of Euroregional cooperation provided for in Protocol No. 3 to the European outline Convention on transfrontier cooperation between territorial communities or authorities.

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Also, since the adoption of the law "On transborder cooperation" the European Union has developed legal acts regulating the activities of the European associations for territorial cooperation in which Ukraine can also participate.

Also the problem area is the method and form of state support on transboundary cooperation.

As noted in the explanatory Memorandum, in practice it is often the case when European partners are ready to allocate funds to Finance certain projects or facilities, but the Ukrainian side can not be timely and fully perform its duty to co-financing these projects or objects. Accordingly, such projects are not implemented or their implementation is delayed in time.

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