The leader of the party "SF", ex-the Prime Minister-the Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the United States met with assistant Secretary of state for European and Eurasian Wesson Mitchell and special representative, U.S. Department of State on Ukraine with Kurt Volker.

Yatsenyuk in the United States discussed with Mitchell and Volker protection of Ukraine from Russian aggression: "We will defend their freedom against any attempts"

As reported mediaUA, this writes the press service of "people's front".

"Ukraine will not agree to a compromise, which will threaten its national and European future," - wrote the leader of the "NF" in his Facebook after the meeting.

"Appreciate the substantive nature of the dialogue", - said Yatsenyuk.

Meeting with the diplomats, he said, began with mentions of Senator John McCain: "Tomorrow will be an honor to honor his memory, together with representatives from around the world at National Cathedral in Washington."

"We really need the character of McCain. This solid character and position will be necessary for all - both Ukrainian and American diplomacy", - wrote Yatsenyuk.

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He noted that there comes a time of great political trials: "We need to protect Ukraine from the expected shocks from the constant threat of aggression from Russia, and the crafty suggestions of the world, and in fact, hybrid capture our state."

"We will defend their freedom against any attacks", - said the leader of "popular front".

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"This is the main point of our conversation. Feel the support and solidarity of our partners," he added.

It is noted that the September 1, Yatseniuk will attend the ceremony of commemoration of Senator John McCain in the Washington national Cathedral.

Recall, 25 August, died the American Republican Senator John McCain. He was 81 years old.

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