The representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group of the Trilateral contact group Iryna Gerashchenko has sent letters to the coordinators of the OSCE in the TAG, which asks them to contribute to unblocking the control points of entry/exit in the Donetsk region.

Addressed to the coordinators of the OSCE in the TAG and humanitarian subgroup Sadiku and Frisch to unlock KPVV in the Donetsk region, - Irina Gerashchenko

About this Gerashchenko said on his Facebook page, reports mediaUA.

"I have already sent letters to the coordinators of the OSCE in the TAG and humanitarian subgroup Sadiku Martin and Tony Frisch with a request to immediately appeal to the representatives of ORDO - unblock the work of the PPC. I also sent letters to the ICRC representative office in Ukraine with a request to immediately demand access to prisons in the occupied Donbas, where mass torture people," - wrote the MP.

Gerashchenko said that he had received alarming information from the occupied part of Donbass about the mass detentions and arrests of citizens, and that the militants blocked the work of the PPC in the Donetsk region – "no release from the occupation", and Donetsk encircled. According to her, it only deepens the grave humanitarian crisis in the occupied territory, because the elderly can not go for pensions, children and students in their schools.

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The representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group TKG also stressed that the responsibility for the security situation and the humanitarian situation in the Donbass carries Russia, whose propagandists were at the scene of the explosion and the death of Zakharchenko first, just a few minutes. "This area is Packed with Russian military and the FSB, who are planning their RAID. In Salisbury they poison, in Donetsk – blow", she added.

According to Gerashchenko, Ukraine wants to see all the leaders of the militants and their curators from Russia in open court in the Hague, but Russia protects the witnesses of their crimes, destroys those who knows a lot.

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"For 9 months, nor heard from one other action - the Carpenter, his fate is unknown. Another witness of the crimes of Putin, the FSB has cleared more radical way. We expect SMM OSCE, who recently recorded the next column, overtaking from the territory of the Russian Federation in the occupied Donbass "gumkonvoi" weapons, more detailed information from them - what happened in Donetsk", - said Vice-speaker of Parliament.

As reported mediaUA earlier, on Friday 31 August in Donetsk, an explosion occurred in the cafe "Separable" as a result, one person was killed and at least three injured. In the explosion the leader of terrorists Zakharchenko was fatally wounded. Also seriously wounded "Finance Minister" of the breakaway Republic Alexander Timofeev "Tashkent".

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In Russia reported about the detention of several suspects in the assassination, the alleged "Ukrainian saboteurs and their associated persons."

In the SBU said that Zakharchenko was killed in Donetsk or as a result of shootouts in the environment of the terrorists, or liquidated by the Russian special services.

The Russian foreign Ministry in turn accused the elimination of Zakharchenko "Kiev's party of war."

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed "deep condolences" in connection with the liquidation Zakharchenko, the speaker of the Duma, Volodin said "the reset flushed the Minsk agreements.

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