On Donbass the Russian mercenaries-the occupation forces do not pass through the boundary line nor to one side, and local residents reported a large amount of equipment and inspections.

Terrorists "DNR" do not pass through the boundary line of any of the parties, - Slobodyan

As reported mediaUA, this was stated by the assistant to the head of the State border service Oleg Slobodyan, the TV channel "112".

"The situation has not changed. Russian-terrorist troops somewhere in the evening around 19:00 stopped the skipping is actually in both directions. Now, the situation remains unchanged. The guards and the other services are at their jobs. We are ready to make a pass, but the party does not pass neither in the one nor in the other direction. From the people we receive information about a large number of equipment in the Donetsk region and about a large number of checks. However, you know that any contact with the occupants we do not support, so to confirm this information at the official level is not possible", - he said.

Residents also report that this situation will persist until the time of funeral of the murdered former leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko.

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