Polish sports newspaper Przeglad Sportowy published on its website an infographic, which occupied the Crimea marked as Russian territory.

Polish newspaper Przeglad Sportowy published a map with the "non-Ukrainian" Crimea, the error is corrected after the intervention of the Embassy (updated). PHOTO

This writes the mediaUA with reference to the Crimea.Realities.

The map shows the clubs participating in Champions League football and the countries that they represent. The Ukrainian Peninsula is shaded in different from mainland Ukraine color that matches the color of Russia.

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After the intervention of the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland, the editors of sports the online edition of Przegląd Sportowy has removed from its website the publication, apologizing and assuring the assumption of an unintentional graphical error.

"It definitely was not purposeful action," said the editor of the publication Przemyslaw Rudzki, said the Embassy.

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