Deputy head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine Dmytro shymkiv leaves the civil service and returned to business.

Shymkiv goes from the AP to return to the business

He said this during the briefing in the AP, and also on his page in Facebook.

"My goal was transformation of the country, management of change, promote system reform, building processes and teams, start initiatives and promotion of Ukraine's image in the world. Today, the key reforms and initiatives launched. And so, after completing the tasks, I decided to return to his element – business," wrote shymkiv.

The Deputy head of the presidential administration reminded that came to the civil service in 2014 at the invitation of Petro Poroshenko, because he saw the opportunity to use my experience as Manager of change management for development of Ukraine.

"I always positioned myself as a politician-a technocrat and has repeatedly refused to continue his political career at other positions," schimke explained.

Dmytro shymkiv said that over the 4 years of its operation in the PA with his active participation was created by the national Council of reforms, running technology can connect to mobile networks 3G and 4G, developed a plan of visa liberalization with the European Union, adopted anti-corruption laws.

Also Deputy head of the AP was engaged in the issues of automatic VAT refund system of e-procurement ProZorro, contributed to the development of electronic document management and cyber security, participated in the development of the sustainable development strategy "Ukraine-2020", which found reflection in the decisions of the President, the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada.

In addition, with the assistance Shymkiv, a project was launched to promote and study the English language GoGlobal, which managed to attract a large number of foreign volunteers. Deputy head of the AP also took an active part in the creation of innovative tools to support Ukrainian culture. He participated in the creation of the Ukrainian cultural Fund, established financial incentives for the Ukrainian cinema, strengthened copyright protection.

Dmytro shymkiv also congratulated Sergey Marchenko on appointment to the post of Deputy head of the AP.

Dmytro shymkiv was born on 28 September 1975 in Lviv. It is one of the leading experts in the field of information technology with experience in Ukraine, Western Europe and the United States. Before joining AP, he headed the representative office of Microsoft in Ukraine.

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