The son of Deputy Secretary of Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) Oleg Gladkovsky Igor Gladkovsky joined the Supervisory Board of PJSC "Plant of the Smithy on the Rybalsky".

The son of Deputy Secretary of the NSDC joined the Supervisory Board factory Poroshenko

According to the company in the disclosure system NKTSBFR, Igor Gladkovsky joined the Supervisory Board as authorised representative in the CHAO from the shareholder LLC "Hyundai Motor Ukraine" instead of Alexander Tsymbal, who was in office from March 2017, reports Biznestsentr with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

In the past five years, Igor Gladkovsky, which entered into the composition of the Supervisory Board from August 31, took the post of General Director of OOO "Hyundai Motor Ukraine" and member of Board of PJSC "Closed non-diversified corporate investment Fund "OWL".

He was elected a member of the national Assembly "Smithy" for a period of 1 year and 7 months.

Igor Gladkovsky the eldest son of former President of Corporation "Bogdan", the business partner of the President of Petro Poroshenko, and currently the first Deputy Secretary of national security Council Oleg Gladkovsky (Svinarchuk).

Igor Gladkovsky at the end of 2015, was appointed General Director member of the group "Bogdan" company "Hyundai Motor Ukraine" after the voluntary resignations of former chief Victor orange.

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As reported, PJSC "Plant "the Smithy on the Rybalsky" by the end of 2017, increased its net profit under international financial reporting standards (IFRS) compared with the year 2016 by 2.2 times – to 18.62 million.

The Cabinet of Ministers in late December 2017, provided state guarantees to PJSC "Plant "the Smithy on the Rybalsky" on the loan for 528,98 million.

Pack of 83% of shares in PJSC "Plant "the Smithy on the Rybalsky" (previously – JSC "Lenin's smithy") has a "Closed non-diversified corporate investment Fund "Prime essets Kepital" the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. It is in the Fund Poroshenko has transferred its business assets for formal compliance with the law on the division of business and public administration.

Another 11.5% owned by PJSC "CNCIF "VIC" people's Deputy Igor Kononenko, Deputy head of the faction "block of Petro Poroshenko".

Shipyard "Lenin's smithy" first specialized in the construction of towing ships, sea fishing trawlers, liners, cargo ships and ships for the Navy.

Thus, in the period 1991-2002, "Linkuse" VSMU built Corvette "Ternopil", since 2004, began construction of the armored project "Viper" for the state border service, 2012 – armored "Viper-M" by request of the Ministry of defense.

According to open sources, in terms of external aggression "Linkuse" masters the production of new designs for defense purposes, among them 40 mm grenade launcher UAG-40 with domestic optics, combat modules for armored vehicles OBM, BM Scorpio.

In 2015 the company began work on creating two new vehicles – a 10-ton BM Triton, and 15-ton BM "Crossbow." In addition, the "Linkuse" involved in cooperation on production of electronic equipment for the protection of the state border.

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