In Lisichansk, the patrol police detained a drunk driver who tried to bribe them.

Patrol Lysychansk detained the drunk driver, who offered them a bribe. VIDEO

This writes the mediaUA with reference to the press service of the Patrol police of Ukraine.

As noted, to the patrol turned, a concerned citizen, who reported that the driver of the car VAZ-21099 is a drunk driver.

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Soon the police stopped the vehicle. During communication with the driver inspectors noticed his obvious signs of intoxication.

The man agreed to pass a test for intoxication in the hospital. But then he offered patrol illegal benefit in the amount of $ 100 for failure to bring him to administrative responsibility

The inspectors repeatedly warned the citizen about the criminal liability for the offer of unlawful benefit by an official, but the man insisted.

Patrolmen detained the driver and to fix the events called to the scene investigative team. The actions of the men seen signs of a criminal offence under article 369 (the Offer, promise or giving undue advantage to an official) of the criminal code.

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Also the driver in place passed the test for intoxication. The device "Drager" showed 2,01 promille of alcohol, which is more than 10 times exceeds admissible norm. The offender patrol made up administerial under part 1 of article 130 (Management of intoxication) of the administrative code.

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