In Ukraine from September 1, prices for train tickets will be lower than in August because begins a new factor.

From September 1, tickets for passenger trains will fall in price, - "Ukrzaliznytsya"

As reported mediaUA, this writes the press service of "Ukrzaliznytsya".

So, on the first of September will operate the factor 1.02 indexed to rates.

"For example, the fare on August 31 on route Kiev – Lviv in the car compartment of train No. 141 is 347,92 UAH, and on the following Friday the same ticket will cost UAH 333,92, in the car compartment of train No. 29 Kiev – Uzhgorod 728,19 UAH worth, and will cost – 696,39 UAH", - reported in "Ukrzaliznytsya", stressing that next month (October) ratio will be even lower - 0,93.

It is also noted that all summer acted coefficient of 1.07.

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We will remind, the Ministry of infrastructure in April of this year, decree No. 184 defined 13 calendar periods that affect the cost of travel. In addition, the ticket price is affected by day of the week on which the scheduled trip. These factors affect the cost of all tickets, except for commuter trains.

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