The naval forces of the USA will contract with Boeing for the development of drones for refueling of aircraft carrier-based aircraft.

Boeing receives contract to develop drones for the U.S. army by $13 billion

Boeing won the tender, which involves the creation of four drones called MQ-25A Stingray, $805 million, reports Biznestsentr with reference to Interfax.

All Navy 76 want to buy these drones for about $13 billion, it is Expected that the first drone will fly in 2021 and will be adopted three years later.

As written by Dow Jones and other participants of the tender were Lockheed Martin and General Atomics, Northrop Grumman decided not to participate.

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Now the function of refueling aircraft in the air to perform aircraft F/A-18 known as the "Hornet" (Hornet), which also produces Boeing.

Boeing shares are rising by 0.3% in pre session on Friday.

Over the past 12 months the company's capitalization soared by 44% and exceeded $200 billion.

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