The Ministry of health together with the Ministry of education and science has developed a new sanitary rules for schools that offer to a public debate.

The Ministry of health and the Ministry of education has developed a new sanitary rules for schools

As reported mediaUA, this writes the press service of the Ministry of health.

Thus, in particular, the Ministry of health and the MES serves to reduce the length of homework: no more than 1 hour in grades 3-9 and 1.5 hours in grades 10-12. And for pupils of first and second classes homework assignment is generally not recommended.

It is also proposed to cancel the regulations on the distance between the desks. Additionally, in grades 1-4 to equip learning spaces places for recreation and games.

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The Ministry of health propose to use in educational process of interactive boards, multimedia technology and devices. After exercises with the use of multimedia technology to carry out physical flexing and exercises for the eyes, at the end of the lesson - exercise to prevent General fatigue.

As reported in a press-service ministries are also encouraged to change the diet for the students.

"The daily menu of the schools should include at least four dishes, and the calorie content of the lunch should be about 30% of the daily energy needs. The developed recommendations clearly defined the maximum amount of sugar and salt for different dishes," - said in the message.

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