A British court on 4-5 September 2018 will hold a hearing on the issue of lifting the seizure of assets of "Gazprom" under the claim of "Naftogaz of Ukraine", which is trying to recover from the Russian company $2.6 billion pending appeal "Gazprom" the decision of the court on the payment of this sum to the Ukrainian side.

A British court on September 4-5, to hold hearings on the issue of lifting the seizure of assets of "Gazprom" under the claim of "Naftogaz"

This was announced by Deputy head of legal Department "Gazprom" Yury Ivanov on a conference call for investors, reports Biznestsentr with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

The activity of "Naftogaz" in the UK the most harm to Gazprom's plans to attract financing in the international financial market. In connection with the risk of arrest borrowed funds was reversed placement of Eurobonds of "Gazprom" in pounds sterling in June.

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Head of financial-economic Department of "Gazprom" Alexander Ivannikov said: "We see some increase in risks in the money market related to the transfer of funds to the UK. We took a break in relation to some of the tools to discuss this issue with lawyers, to completely eliminate any risks to our funds that could be arrested in the UK".

Ivannikov said that the company does not change its borrowing plans for this year (it amounts to 417 billion roubles). In particular, he said that only on August 30, the company completed a "two way deal" without giving details about it.

Ivanov also noted that in the Dutch court, "Naftogaz" has not submitted the documents regarding the seizure of assets of "Gazprom", but the third time he had requested a delay of the provision of such documents.

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