Selection Fotozhab from " mediaUA"

Merchant unpredictability, the mantra of the "Russian world", the sect of the tranche. Fresh new faces from "Censor.NO"

The Kremlin cockroach

Read the " mediaUA": "I will crush you!", – shouted Putin Poroshenko in Minsk. Former French President Hollande described the negotiations in his memoirs

Addicts on vacation

Read the " mediaUA": Grandpa with understanding

Bimba linguistics

Read the " mediaUA": Propagandists channel "Russia 1" was chosen Azarov as an expert on the Ukrainian language. VIDEO

"A fool does not need a knife, him with three boxes lying..."

Laskarid on TRK "Ukraine"

The sect of the tranche

New course

Merchant unpredictability

Portnow received in the control channel NewsOne

The jester in the political arena

Competitor Tesla?!

The return of grey dwarf

The mantra of the "Russian world"

More photoshop see here

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